Lasalle Bank - What Should I Do?

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My sheriff sale is scheduled again next month.I plan on making a motion to stay the sale again.But i am getting exhausted over this and ready to give up.But i will still argue my point that they need to refile due to the fact Lasalle Bank National no longer owns the title.Bank Of America and i knew it.I have posted other things on here please read it and give me some input.Or call me.I never give my number out like this but it's a business number.It is (724)752-9096 so we can discusss ideas.Thanks,Mark

Lasalle Bank Overdraft fee

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During the take over of lasalle bank by bank of america lasalle bankgroup setup a new policy of a $6.00 a day over draft fee after a account being overdrawn past a five day business day rule LMAO that was a simple way for bank to make few bucks before they were boughtout its all about profit thats why that was appplyed by using the law to make some pocket money so if this happened to you lets start a legal process against lasalle bank-ambro groupget in touch with me at my name is steven

Good luck



Don't over draft from you account.That way you won't get hit with the fee.

What a ***.

You expect the bank to give you free loans if you over draft?***.

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